Black powder disapearance

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badammo posted this 21 February 2014

In the area I live all of the stores have all dropped black powder from the store shelves. Most state it is because the feds have made the licensing so draconian that its not worth it. Black powder is still available on internet but to get a price break you have to buy 25 pounds. Don't really want 25 pounds around my house! Is anyone else seeing this trend in their areas?

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tturner53 posted this 21 February 2014

I haven't seen any real BP in a store around here for a long time. Store it properly, no problems. I have never heard of an 'incident' involving powder at a residence.

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Tom Acheson posted this 21 February 2014

Check Powder Inc. out

Looking at Swiss 1 1/2 Fg: 5# is $31.10/pound 10# is $26.40/pound 25 or 50 # is $22.60/pound Prices include shipping and hazmat fee


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tomme boy posted this 21 February 2014

It has to be stored in a powder locker by itself. That is why no one carries it anymore.

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badammo posted this 22 February 2014

Powder inc is great. Just didnt want to buy 25 pounds and have it sitting around. I am shooting the BP postal match Pat I. is running. Been using quite a bit for that.

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RicinYakima posted this 23 February 2014

I got together with 3 friends and bought the 25 pound lot, it worked out for us. I had three extra pounds that I sold at a gun show for full retail price, and the other guy was happy also. Ric

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jhalcott posted this 25 February 2014

Yes the local regs and LICENSING costs put it out of reach to most small stores in this area also! Separate lockers and license fees cost so much a store NEEDS a steady buyer to make it worth while.

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argie1891 posted this 01 March 2014

best bet is to find a couple other black powder shooters and split 25 lbs. if you belong to a local range you should be able to find a few guys to throw in with you for a case of powder.

if you think you have it figured out then you just dont understand

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Fg1 posted this 05 March 2014

Ive been using the KIK powder from them and it shoots great and seems to have more punch than GOEX in same volume loading. Although I haven't chronied it. I bought it when it was $10.20 a lb delivered from powderinc .

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JeffinNZ posted this 05 March 2014

You think it is scarce in the US. Try buying it in NZ. No commercial importers presently.

Cheers from New Zealand

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jhrosier posted this 09 March 2014

The last gun shop in my area (central Mass.) to carry real black gave up his license last year. ATF issues, high cost, no profit, etc. I bought the last couple pounds of fffg to hold me over a while, I have been using Hodgdon's ffg grade 777 powder in some of my cartridge guns with good results.


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badammo posted this 09 March 2014

All of mine shoot Pyrodex fin. My 1859 Sharps either misfires or delayed fire. Only thing That burns in it consistently is real black powder. Trying to talk a local shop into carrying it. They would be the only one in 100 mile radius.


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Coydog posted this 21 March 2014

If you know of anyone around you that deal in fireworks you can see if they can help you with any of it or advice on it.Or someone that deal in with muzzle loading act that dose use it.Also cannon shooting.

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olesmokey posted this 27 April 2014

There is at least one video on Youtube with a guy showing you how to make it. Pretty easy.

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Dirtybore posted this 19 March 2015

Go on line and look up Coonies, they have black powder and sell it by the 25 pound lot. It's great if you can go in with friends and share the expense. this ih how the folks in our 7 Rivers Mountain Men group get ours. We shoot only black powder at monthly shoots and at our August rendezvous. Coonies will sell all grades within the 25 pownd lot, such as 2 lb of 4Fg, 10 lb of 3Fg, 9 lb of 2fg, and 4 lb of 1 Fg.

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onondaga posted this 19 March 2015

Real Black Powder is not harder to make now than it ever has been, and the chemicals are available easily on the internet. I mixed, caked and riced my own for decades. It is not a mystical experience at all. Now, I use Alliant BMZ exclusively, it is much more consistent, accurate and easy to clean up after and works in flintlocks just fine too.


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